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Feature checkpoint: Custom Bug listings 2011-11-18



 * Beta due to begin 2011-11-22
 * Multi-sort ordering deemed out scope
 * Hot bugs list on project bugs overview pages to be replaced with
standard bug listing
 * Orange to spend another two weeks dealing with beta feedback etc

Notes from this meeting:

 * The feature was not ready for beta testing at the time of the check-point.
 * Beta readiness is dependent on some polish.
 * Orange want to check whether pre-fetching results will help
 * The pre-polish version is visible on qastaging for project groups
but not yet projects.
 * There was some disagreement over how many bugs should be shown on
one page of of a listing. We decided to park the discussion.
 * Based on danhg's stakeholder interviews, we decided that multi-sort
order was not a stakeholder priority and so we have declared it out of
scope for this feature. This is mostly because it is a difficult UI
problem. If this feature becomes a stakeholder requirement, the
Product team can create a UI and that could be implemented through an
escalated bug.

Action items for next checkpoint:

 * [orange] Land polish branches
 * [orange] Land the loading icon branch
 * [danhg] Announce beta and invite bug reports
 * [matsubara] exploratory testing during beta
 * [matsubara and danhg] Stakeholder and user acceptance testing
 * [orange] test pre-fetching of the next batch of results
 * [orange] finish removing hot bugs list in time for the end of the beta

Matthew Revell
Launchpad Product Manager


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