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Re: notifications - an implementation straw man (warning explicit discussion of services follows)


> Walls and dashboards are AIUI a combination topic timeline + topic
> TODO queues (e.g. merge proposals to review etc). This can be
> efficiently served by querying for one pageful of each such thing,
> asking for the timeline similarly and then combining in the appserver.

The interesting thing I realized the other day is that you can start
by implementing wall-drawing using just in-process event sources: much
of the data it would want to draw is already in the database and can
be queried pretty cheaply, eg the most recent 50 bugmessages on bugs
affecting bzr.  As long as this is done in a way that doesn't assume
the sources _have_ to be inprocess it gets things going and we could
gradually add remote event sources over time, and gradually migrate
existing notifications into them.

Perhaps that is too much of a detour.

To me setting up a new service that receives a copy of all activity
seems a bit large to tackle first.  I guess I'm not convinced by a
handwave that it will be fast, though your handwave is more
authoritative here than my doubt....


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