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Re: Hiding comments from most Launchpad users


On 28 November 2011 19:02, Robert Collins <robert.collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why a service? Because if its generic there is no need for it to be
> part of LP core; being separate will allow reuse in e.g. SSO, Software
> Centre Agent, Ratings and Reviews, .... Being a separate service also
> allows for restricted restricted access to its DB, if we choose - to
> allow a higher standard of security around the audit trail[s].

I wonder if it would be worth considering making the bug activity log
part of such a service; Gavin and I had a fair old stab at making it
work properly back in early '09 but it'd be much nicer to be able to
revisit it without having to tightly couple it with the rest of Bugs
(which can be quite expensive; we had > 1 round of refactoring for
performance, IIRC).

Having it as a service into which we can bung stuff asynchronously,
through Rabbit, for example, could potentially have some fairly large
performance gains (for adding history, at least; calculating what to
show would probably still be quite expensive).

Graham Binns | PGP Key: EC66FA7D