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Re: Yellow Squad Weekly Retrospective Minutes: June 22


On Fri, 22 Jun 2012 17:12:06 -0400, Gary Poster <gary.poster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> gary_poster: following jml's new project checklist would at least have
> made us have a gatekeeper, fixing two of those three.  Is getting tarmac
> for a project cheap enough now that it is reasonable to deploy even for
> small projects?
> ACTION: bac will research how to get and integrate tarmac resources (a
> testing machine) for a project.  He will first consult with matsubara
> about this.  The results will be new/improved documentation on how to
> get tarmac deployed for a project, and/or information on what it would
> take to make this easier.

We run tarmac on canonistack, with automation to spin up new
instances. Yes, canonistack isn't particularly reliable, but if a branch
isn't landing we check if the instance is still alive, and if it isn't
just run the 5 minute script to get another instance. (Some better
monitoring/automation would be great though.)

Adding a new project is a 1 minute job to add a line to a config file
and push.

I recently converted some of this integration in to a charm:


However, we don't use that yet as I had to strip out some things (like
our credentials) that mean it's not so easy to spin up a new
instance. At some point I'll merge our additions over on to the charm
and we can use that instead.

I'd be happy to share a sanitised version of the scripts we do use
(based on fabric) if you'd like to build on them.



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