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Re: Yellow Squad Weekly Retrospective Minutes: June 22


On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Aaron Bentley <aaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> On 12-06-22 05:12 PM, Gary Poster wrote:
>> * benji: bzr negative ignore
>> A neat trick that came in handy this week was that bzr supports a
>> negative ignore, with a bang ("!"), like "!pattern".  This came in
>> handy for him when he wanted to assert that everything inside a log
>> directory should be ignored except a README.
> Why do you want to assert that a README isn't ignored?  Shouldn't you
> add the README?  Once you add it, it's not ignored anyway.

Ah!  I didn't know that once added changes to the README wouldn't be
ignored, so I thought the negative ignore was important.  Good to know.
Benji York

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