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Yellow weekly retrospective minutes: July 20


(Sorry for being late to get the mail out!)

= Project Report =



 * This was gmb's last week with us. Farewell from Yellow squad, and
best wishes for leading Green squad!

 * We're still hiring for five openings in a very cool Python & cloud
position, so please apply soon! The interview process largely consumed
3/5 of the squad; next week it will affect 3/4 of us. We've had some
good interviewees, and we hope to have more.

 * We did not have as many test runs this week because of the
interviews. Our successful test run from last week stopped this week
after 42 consecutive passing runs, after which we had instances of
974617/1011847 and 1014916.

 * The parallel testing machines in the data center are reportedly ready
for configuration and we are now waiting for IS to get to the task.

 * We tested a new package of the lpsetup code, fixed some problems, and
have a working package for both the developer use case and the testing
use case. The next step is to design the interactive story.

 * The lpsetup code has a second integration test, this time for the LXC

= Tricks =



 * bac: Don't use seteuid with bzr

 * frankban: Using deb package recipes with Distribute-based Python packages

 * frankban: os.path.expanduser uses $HOME to expand '~'

 * frankban: In tests, use a temporary home plus a bzr whoami before bzr

= Topics =

No topics this week.  The meeting was shortened because of an interview.

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