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Private Projects LEP


Hi Deryck, Curtis,

Over the past few days, Deryck and I have been chatting to the
Canonical stakeholders who want private projects in Launchpad. The
result is a bunch of updates to the private projects LEP:


Some questions are outstanding:

 * ISD want hybrid projects when the project is public but bugs and
branches are private by default. Curtis seems to have ruled this out.
Is this possible within our budget?

 * Once a private project is made public it's not just the bugs and
branches that need to stay private. At the least we also need to
consider Answers and Blueprints. What else?

 * How can we tell people that their bug comment, for example, is
private and then later allow the project maintainer to expose it to
the world? Isn't that rather obnoxious?

 * Is it simpler to disable karma for private projects rather than
deal with the potential for leaks?

I'd welcome your thoughts on these.

Matthew Revell
Product Manager, Launchpad and MAAS


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