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YUI 3.5. is alive!!!


For various definitions of alive. On a 5th attempt I've managed to get YUI
3.5.1 installed next to our current version of 3.3.0. It's on production
and the Orange squad is set, via feature flag, to run with it on production
and see if we can trip it up and break it.

If you'd like to test things out locally at all the feature flag to use
would be:

js.yui_version team:launchpad-orange-squad 1 yui-3.5.1

It's setup to build into the build/js directory and you can run the test
suite against it by changing the build/js/yui symlink to the
build/js/yui-3.5.1 directory instead.

As we move along we'll open up the feature flag to ~launchpad and
eventually beta testers as well.

If you see any oddities please let me know.



Rick Harding

Launchpad Developer