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Disclosure and private projects checkpoint meeting notes: 2012-08-29


Better Privacy check-point 2012-08-29


 * The new sharing is now fully in beta and going well.
 * Mock-ups for private projects creation and management completed.
 * Privacy support in blueprints under way.

Manage sharing

 * Sharing feature is now in full beta.
 * Feature was presented in a blog_ post
 * `Bug #1043319`_ is the only bugs noteworthy.

   It partially deconfigured Landscape, and might have hit other
   projects that configured themselves as Proprietary but then didn't
   create new bugs or branches before garbo-daily ran.

   The fix is in-progres.

 * Emailed all commercial projects to change their project.
 * OEM will beta test using their project own projects (Infrastructure
   team) before migrating all other projects.

   ACTION: [jc] to follow-up with Cody to see how this is going.

 * Branch fixing the accidental disclosture of proprietary information
   is in review.

.. _blog:

.. _`Bug #1043319`: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1043319

Blueprints privacy

  * Aaron and Bale are enabling privacy and sharing with blueprints.
  * Adding security adapters and UI on blueprints.
  * Deryck will take up integration in the Sharing UI.
  * ETA: next Friday, Blueprints should be privacy-enabled.

Private projects

 * Mock-ups for the private projects creation and management is
    * They integrated feedback from Huw
 * Deryck and Rick will dividing the work after the call.
 * Team is a little disappointed about the fact that their options for a
   simple UI was really constrained by all the complexity supported by
   the underlying model.

   They initially attempted to hide the complexity up to the artefact
   page, but gave up because of all the additional work it would

   Scope is now restricted to the creation and management UI of

  * Roadmap established:

    - Sept 14th: **alpha** Have the futs of the feature completed. (UI,
      basic model security, no auditing of all the listing queries.)

    - Oct 4th: **beta** All listing queries audited and fixed.
      Performance optimization.

    - Oct 29th: **end of project** Fixed all bugs from beta period and
      ready to move on.

Francis J. Lacoste

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