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The lazr namespace is dead


Hey all--

After much work, the lazr namespace in our javascript is dead. The last
branch has just landed, and will be playing on buildbot soon.

Sometime back, the main lazr js file --
lib/lp/app/javascript/lazr/lazr.js was moved to
lib/lp/app/javascript/ui/ui.js; this also created the lp.ui namespace,
where you will now find all the other modules; in any place where there
was a lazr.foo item, you'll now find it at lp.ui.foo.

You probably already do, but when you merge from devel with the revision
completing this, you'll want to make sure to rebuild your javascript,
since quite a few modules were renamed.

You will still find references to lazr stuff in the javascript--it still
exists in generated HTML and CSS. There is a bug[1] regarding updating
our CSS to remove the lazr reference, at which point it will all be
truly gone.


[1]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1049193