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Disclosure and private projects checkpoint meeting notes: 2012-09-13


Better Privacy check-point 2012-09-14


 * All but 107 OEM/HWE projects have been converted to Sharing.
 * ETA for the missing migration is end of September.
 * Private blueprints should be in beta next Monday
 * Revised private projects roadmap to end Nov 19th.

Manage sharing

 * Only 107 projects from HWE and OEM have not been converted yet to
 * Cody is very happy about the results.
    * They are working on docs and training material for their
      engineers to operate in the new mode.
    * They are also updating their toolchain to use the new API.
    * They intend to complete the migration by end of September.
 * Once all projects are migrated, purple will be able to remove the
   obsolete code (branch visibility policy) and simplify some rules
   that support both the old and new world.

   ACTION: purple to clean up code once all projects are migrated.

 * Feedback from beta:
    * A couple of exceptions were reported and fixed.
    * Some jobs weren't populating data correctly and that was also
    * Needed to add some API for auditing purpose required by OEM.
    * All work falls under the maintenance responsibility and is taking
      about 2-3 man days per week.

Blueprints privacy

  * Time to complete was underestimated by a week.
  * Blog and feature flag will be turned on next Monday.
  * All required are landing, suffered from build failures.
  * Aaron spent his morning doing QA, found one show-stopper that
    Deryck will fix today.
  * ACTION: diogo and laura to do exploratory testing on blueprints
    once in beta.

Private projects

  * New project creation UI is progressing nicely. Needs some JS polish.

  * Revised roadmap:

    - Oct 8th: **alpha** Have the futs of the feature completed. (UI,
      basic model security, no auditing of all the listing queries).

    - Oct 22nd: **beta** All listing queries audited and fixed.
      Performance optimization.

    - Nov 19th: **end of project** Fixed all bugs from beta period and
      ready to move on.

Francis J. Lacoste

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