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Re: Parallel testing is live


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On 12-09-21 10:41 AM, William Grant wrote:
> WebOps have today finished setting up parallel testing in
> buildbot. buildbot-poll has been updated to know about the new
> builders, and I've confirmed that [testfix] and automatic stable
> merging etc. work fine. Nothing should have changed except that
> builds now take 35 minutes rather than 6.5 hours.


That duration is similar to bzr's test suite.  With bzr, we've always
been able to run in the traditional PQM mode where PQM runs the tests,
and if they fail, the code doesn't land.

I bet that would work with Launchpad too, which would allow us to
simplify a lot of our infrastructure-- launchpad/devel and
launchpad/stable become a single branch, we don't need buildbot
anymore, and we don't need to use "ec2 land".  We can just lp-land

When test runs were longer, this mode caused unfortunate queueing, but
with 35-minute test runs, we can do 41 test runs a day, and the most
landings I see this month is 11 (on Sept 12).  Most days are more like 6.

While knocking buildbot times down to 35 minutes is good, we still
have to use ec2 (or local test runs), which increases latency.  I'd
love it if we could knock the overall time from approval to landing in
stable down to 35 minutes.  It would be plausible, nay, common, to go
from code to approval, to landing, to QA in a single day.

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