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Re: Enabling AJAX revision diffs


On 18/12/12 22:20, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> We've had this feature flag set for quite a while now:
>   code.ajax_revision_diffs.enabled	team:launchpad	1	on
> I think we all forgot that we would like to make this fully public. Is
> the change to just do:
>   code.ajax_revision_diffs.enabled	default	0	on
> I realize that if there is load/etc fallout, it is going to be on
> Purple to deal with it. But it seems pretty stable for the rest of us,
> and we can disable it if we need to.
> I've found it nice in general to be able to see the diff-from-previous
> from time to time.
> Any objections to exposing this to the wider world?

The main reason they're not enabled globally is that they don't work for
private branches. There was a plan to hide them in such cases, but IIRC
that work was never done.

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