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Exporting all blueprint subscribers



During the last vUDS we discussed changing the Launchpad sprints export [1]
to provide all users who have subscribed to a blueprint instead of just the
users who have marked themselves as attending the sprint and subscribed to
the blueprint. While we were discussing this, Ursula had done some initial
testing, however other members of the Launchpad team wanted to do further
testing before allowing this change to happen.

As we approach the next vUDS, I wanted to find out what the status of the
testing is for this and see if we can get it applied in the near future for
use at the next vUDS.

As far as we are aware, Summit is the only service that is using the
+temp-meeting-export. The cron for pulling data from Launchpad is activated
shortly after the summit is announced, and
deactivated immediately following the event so it should not create much of
an additional load on the servers as we are only pulling the current event
and not all past events.

Background on the issue:

It has always been confusing for the user to have to go to Launchpad to
register to attend the sprint, but use Summit to view the schedule of the
event. We have added the ability to register to attend the sprint in
Summit, bypassing the requirement to register as attending in Launchpad.
 While this is great for the user as far as registrations go, if the user
subscribes to a blueprint to show their interest in a meeting instead of
registering as attending the session in Summit (you do this so that you can
follow the work on the blueprint during the cycle), Launchpad will not
provide your blueprint subscription data to Summit because you are not
registered as attending the sprint in Launchpad.

[1] https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-1305/+temp-meeting-export


Chris Johnston <chrisjohnston@xxxxxxxxxx <chris.johnston@xxxxxxxxxx>>
QA Engineer - Canonical Ltd.