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Re: getting the source


On 25/05/15 19:02, anatoly techtonik wrote:
> https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting
> 1. I'd place tl;dr section at the top with:
> bzr branch lp:launchpad

The "Getting it" section already says that, in a small section that's
visible without scrolling. The page's introduction includes important
information about supported environments and copyright licences, so a
TL;DR wouldn't be a good idea.

> 2. The download process is long (15+ minutes already)
> Is there a way for bzr to download only last 1000 revisions?
> Something like `git  clone --depth 1000 ...`?
> It would be worthy to mention there.

Bazaar doesn't implement shallow branches. You need to wait for the
entire branch to download.

Now that Launchpad has beta Git hosting support
(http://blog.launchpad.net/general/git-code-hosting-beta), we intend to
move the code for Launchpad itself to Git in the coming weeks. There's a
test import of our Bazaar branches into Git at the top of
https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad, from which you can do a shallow
clone if you desire. But it's not always up to date, and not supported
by the Launchpad team yet.

> 3. The next page to be read is advised to be
> https://dev.launchpad.net/Running
> which uses another method. Why? Who needs to
> get the source without running it for development?

Some people just want to look at the code, for example to work out why a
particular piece of Launchpad behaves the way it does. It's much quicker
to download it that way than using the full rocketfuel-setup script.

But if you want to run it, you want to use rocketfuel-setup. That's why
there's no TL;DR -- you don't want to bzr branch lp:launchpad if you
want to do more than look at it.


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