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Re: [Launchpad Documentation] Feedback please re. help.launchpad.net/UserPreferences


On 12 April 2016 at 22:40, William Grant <william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On 12/04/16 15:32, Lloyd Blythen wrote:
> > Background
> > =========
> >
> > Launchpad users needing help are directed (e.g. via 'Read the guide') to
> > help.launchpad.net <http://help.launchpad.net>. On that site, clicking
> > their username opens the UserPreferences
> > <https://help.launchpad.net/UserPreferences> page. (That page doesn't
> > list user preferences, just some introductory tips on using
> > help.launchpad.net <http://help.launchpad.net>. Confusing for newcomers
> > but no real problem ... I guess.)
> > [SNIP]
> UserPreferences isn't meant to exist in the current version of Moin, but
> the theme wasn't upgraded correctly when the wiki engine was. I've
> updated the theme to link to the new page, so UserPreferences should no
> longer be reachable without URL hacking (though the page can't easily be
> deleted, for annoying reasons).
> That certainly makes the situation less confusing. Let me know if you
> think further changes should be made.

Very fast response, and the change is great. Thanks William.

> > Finally, I'm new to Launchpad and its Documentation Team. Sorry if this
> > is cluttering the dev list; it's where we're told to post documentation
> > queries, and the documentation list's been inactive for five years.
> > Guidance welcome.
> The launchpad-doc mailing list was mainly for bug notifications, so it
> has fallen out of use since Launchpad bug notifications became more
> customisable. Here or #launchpad-dev on IRC is the right place!

Thanks for the advice.

Thread closed I think. Cheers :-)