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Local development domain changed to launchpad.test


Google bought the .dev TLD a while ago and added it to browsers' HSTS
preload lists, which has made Launchpad development very cumbersome ever
since.  To deal with this, as of r18969, Launchpad's local development
domain is now launchpad.test instead of launchpad.dev (RFC 2606 reserves
.test for local test code, which should be good enough for this).
Similarly, testopenid.dev becomes testopenid.test.

If you don't run instances of Launchpad locally or have a Launchpad test
setup, then you can ignore the rest of this email.  This does not affect
you if you're just using launchpad.net.

If you have a Launchpad development setup, you need to make some changes
to account for this.  In any containers where you run Launchpad code,
run the following as root:

  sed -Ei 's/(launchpad|testopenid)\.dev\b/\1\.test/g' /etc/hosts /etc/apache2/sites-available/local-launchpad.conf
  mv /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.test

Then run the following in psql for each relevant database (by default,
launchpad_empty, launchpad_dev_template, launchpad_dev,
launchpad_ftest_template, and launchpad_ftest_playground):

  UPDATE logintoken SET redirection_url = regexp_replace(redirection_url, '\.dev', '.test');
  UPDATE publisherconfig SET base_url = regexp_replace(base_url, '\.dev', '.test');

(You can also run "make install" and "make schema" in a Launchpad tree,
but doing the above is much less invasive.  In particular, "make schema"
will overwrite any data that you currently have in your local Launchpad

You will also need to make corresponding changes to your host system.
These are a bit less predictable, but you should at least look for
Launchpad-related instances of ".dev" in /etc/hosts, ~/.ssh/config,
~/.dput.cf, and ~/.gitconfig.

I've tried to update the obvious pages under https://dev.launchpad.net/,
but I may very well have missed some.  You may also need to make some
other changes if you use Bazaar/Breezy, Git, or other extra components
that aren't part of the main Launchpad tree.  Let us know if you run
into any problems with this.


Colin Watson                                    [cjwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]

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