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Translations for BleachBit 0.7.1


Please update translations for BleachBit 0.7.1.  There are 4 new strings.

Translate now:
* http://translations.launchpad.net/bleachbit/trunk/+pots/bleachbit/

Detailed translation instructions:
* http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/contribute/translate

Download 0.7.1 beta:
* http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/news/test-bleachbit-071-beta

Tentative schedule:
* String freeze: now
* Translation deadline: Sunday, November 8, 2009

After version 0.7.1:
In an upcoming version I hope to add translation contexts, so a single
English word like 'Delete' can be translated different ways.  If you
notice a string (other than 'Delete') that need contexts, file a bugs
here http://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,