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Re: [Fwd: Launchpad translations terminology (was: Glossary for all languages)]


Dear Sirs,

I downloaded the po file of 
terminology from Translation standards in Launchpad
  and  i will upload the translation ASAP.

Happy new year! :)

vivian lee

在2009-12-30,"Adi Roiban" <adi@xxxxxxxxx> 写道:
>I'm forwarding this message to Launchpad Translators as I think this
>terminology is important for all persons and translations teams
>making translations using Launchpad Translations
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>De la: Adi Roiban <adi@xxxxxxxxx>
>Către: ubuntu-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subiect: Launchpad translations terminology (was: Glossary for all
>Data: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 20:32:48 +0200
>În data de Lu, 28-12-2009 la 15:18 +0800, Aron Xu a scris:
>> If I haven't remembered wrong,  there were efforts on making a general
>> glossary on both  GNOME and Ubuntu projects, but neither lived long.
>> Personaly I don't think open-tran.eu can replace a good glossary, it
>> is a powerful tool to find what others do, but it isn't a standard for
>> a team, and translators will only be aware of what others did, but not
>> which to choose in his/her situation.
>At the Jaunty UDS (about one year ago) we had a session about starting a
>glossary, terminology and other "translation standards". We didn't
>achieve much, but we set up a project and a team.
>I have created a first version for a set of terms that can form our
>Feel free to modify the POT file, request a merge proposal and discuss
>improvements. The branch is here:
>We can discuss changes here or using the Answers section:
>> Maintaining a glossary is hard work, and I know some teams developed
>> their web applications (e.g. ro team), and more teams use files to
>> have a common translation memory (KDE teams), but either have their
>> disadvantages. GTP guide tell translators to use `msgcat' to generate
>> a file that can be used as common translation memory, but in fact it
>> looks useless, translations powered by `msgmerge' is not reliable in
>> any situation.
>> >
>We have the Ubuntu glossary https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Glossary
>but I think the first step would be creating a translation terminology.
>I'm trying to make this discussion more generic by addressing the needs
>of all projects hosted in Launchpad, not only Ubuntu.
>This is why I have created the new terminology under the Launchpad
>Translators umbrella. 
>Also since Launchpad Translations is "the default" tool for translating
>project hosted in Launchpad, I'm looking after a better integration of
>this terminology with the workflow of people doing translations using
>Launchpad Translations.
>Adi Roiban
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