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Re: Reviews of translation imports


У чет, 18. 03 2010. у 21:50 +0600, Serguey G Basalaev пише:
> Hello, I tried to import translations for my project in Launchpad four
> days ago and they are
> still in the import queue. Should I be more patient or need to ask
> somebody to do it?
> The project import queue can be found at
> https://translations.launchpad.net/tspflaming/trunk/+imports

When you use manual synchronization, it requires manual approval as
well: sometimes we are worse at that than at other times.  We strongly
suggest using a bzr branch (with a POT file committed) because it makes
the entire process much smoother, easier and automated.

I've approved your template now, and as long as keep paths and filenames
the same, you won't require manual approval.  However, if you change
them, you might need to poke the admins again (though, that is best done
through https://answers.launchpad.net/rosetta/).

Russian translation should be automatically approved and imported in the
next few hours (depending on the load of the system).  Also, I'd suggest
you look into not using 'Open' permissions for translations if you want
higher quality translations, but considering you are just starting,
anything but 'Structured' would give you less translations overall.