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Re: Minor changes to handling of upstreamtranslations


Hy everyone;  
>  Di Dez 21 2010 16:18:20 CET von  "Danilo Šegan" <danilo@canonicalcom> 
>Betreff: [Launchpad-translators] Minor changes to handling of
> Hi all,
> Launchpad Translations team has been busy for a while implementing the
> next big feature that we hope to roll out in January: automatic sharing
> of translations between upstream projects in Launchpad and Ubuntu source
> packages.
> This will mean that your upstream translations will flow into Ubuntu
> faster, and also that it will be much easier to integrate translations
> from Ubuntu into your upstream projects (you'll still have a choice).
> ...
> Your say?
> ---------
> We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Is perhaps a 'changed in
> Launchpad' feature critical for you?  Do you think this is a great thing
> or are you worried about something?  :)
> Cheers,
> Danilo
> Launchpad Translations team

  First, I'd like to thank all who started helping to translate the citadel


  Danilo, since me being 'upstream' i'd like to enlist several obstacles I
found to easily integrate launchpad translations into the upstream SCM.

  - We use GIT, and there doesn't seem to be a reliable bzr->git bridge

  - launchpad eats email addresses of translators not registered with

  - launchpad can just export to another bzr branch, which has several
problems to me:

  - it seems as if launchpad has some special cases where it doesn't come to
the same conclusion whether to wrap the translation string or not as xgettext
and msgmerge:


/#: ../calendar.c:341/
/msgid ""/
/"You have declined this meeting invitation.  It has <b>not</b> been entered
/"into your calendar."/
/msgstr "Απορρίψατε την πρόσκληση σε
συνάντηση. Δεν εισήχθη στο ημερολόγιό

/#: ../calendar.c:341/
/msgid ""/
/"You have declined this meeting invitation.  It has <b>not</b> been entered
/"into your calendar."/
/msgstr ""/
/"Απορρίψατε την πρόσκληση σε συνάντηση.
Δεν εισήχθη στο ημερολόγιό σας."/


  I've seen other incidents, where even the wrapping of the original string
was different.

  - changing stuff upstream changes the edit-date in launchpad afterwards
which would in term trigger another update/conflict

  - fuzzy strings go away completely; while they just might need a review to
add a %s or a \n or something like that they have to be re-translated?
Shouldn't they be treated as 'review needed' or so?

  - all of the above just becomes a problem because of launchpad not
committing the intermediate steps to the output bzr branch; I.E. upstream
runs msgmerge, launchpad imports it, exports its view of the po files back to
the bzr output branch, and skips committing the upstream change first.

  -> you have a commit to that file which you can't merge back - it has to be
patched back by hand.

  - launchpads commit messages are done 'by the bot on behalf of branch
owner' IMHO they should originate to the person that actualy did these edits.

  - launchpad doesn't seem to offer a way to enter that commit message?


  I'd realy like to have a fully automated process here; I don't think most
of the above issues would be a problem, if launchpad could work against the
import bzr branch.


  Thanks again for this great tool;

  Wilfried Goesgens, Citadel.org