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Re: AcetoneISO translation


First of all, the project is not mine, I am just the maintainer.
The upstream seems to be kind of inactive, but I think the translation
part is kind of independent.

> Can you fix some minor typos in the messages?
> existant -> existent
> fisically -> physically
> Inser -> Insert

I think I have a patch for this, I should have uploaded the .po files
after applying the patch
I will fix this, thanks!

> Sorry for not mentioned the code links (there are none in the template).

No problem.

> Thanks in advance for your answer.
> BTW, why did you choose the platform without native Qt (TS) support?

Where is the platform with TS support?
I was trying to find it, but I found only PO support.

Thank you very much for your help


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