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qshutdown v1.6.9 new release


Dear Launchpad translators,

I added a new feature to qshutdown due to problems of compatibility problems in Unity and the Gnome Shell and also ported back to Qt4 since there still are various problems with Qt5 (eg. the system tray icon). Please consider translating the 3,4 new strings and also to update the other still incomplete translations. After contributing to the translations you are welcome to add your name to the translators in string no. 6. For example like this: <p >Special thanks to:<br /></p><p >Fabian Deuchler for helping here and there.<br /><br />And Brian Nelson for sponsoring the uploads to Debian.<br />Translator: Benjamin Donald-Wilson.</p>

where "<br />Translator: Benjamin Donald-Wilson." has been added.

You can find the template here:

The new release will be uploaded to the launchpad ppa as soon as there are a few complete translations and/or the translation process dies down (in my experiance 2-4 weeks). So, for now I'd set a deadline for 1. Dec. ;) I uploaded to github right now: https://github.com/hakaishi/shutdown-qapps.git

Thank you!

Best regards,
Christian Metscher