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Re: importing .pot


Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delay: I've approved the template.  It should be imported

I think you could have avoided the manual review process by using the
intltool-based template generation and automatic import, but I am not
sure of the current state of Launchpad Translations.

In any case, as long as you keep the same file name in the future
(thunar-sendto-shredder.pot), the template should be approved


У сре, 09. 11 2016. у 03:49 -0600, Dave M пише:
> Hi all,
> How can I get a new translation file (.pot) imported?  Hopefully I'm
> not sounding impatient, but there's been no movement for two weeks.
> https://launchpad.net/thunar-sendto-shredder
> https://dave-theunsub.github.io/thunar-sendto-shredder/
> https://github.com/dave-theunsub/thunar-sendto-shredder/
> Thank you!