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Translations needed for the new Open Food Facts Android app


Hi all,

We need help for the translation of the new version of the Open Food Facts
android app.

As a reminder, Open Food Facts is a mobile crowdsourcing projet aiming to
create a free (as in beer ^^) global database of food (and beer ^^)
products, with ingredients, additives and nutrition info (You can have a
look at world.openfoodfacts.org)

I'd be grateful if you could help us translate (or finish to translate) the
Android app in as many languages as possible before the next release.

You can test the beta in context on F-Droid or at

PS: We're also looking for both technical and non-technical contributors,
in as many countries as possible. It goes from translating the taxonomies
on the wiki, to contributing local food products using your mobile phone,
to helping us with development.