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Re: question on setting page personal bugs open up


On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 07:31:24PM -0500, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> > Uh, why don't you just click on your Assigned Bugs link on your main
> > page?  If you've got any bugs assigned to you, they show up on your
> > Overview page, near where your Team Memberships are listed.
> All I'm asking for is an option so those that might (if there is anyone else
> out there like me) might change which page is displayed first when one
> clicks on the "Bugs" tab in LP.

Jonathan's point is well-taken: the default bugs view for a person is
pretty confusing because of its obscure (and unchangeable) filter.
Martin A. and the bugs team spent some time mocking up alternative
perspectives for personal bug lists, and I feel we're all waiting on the
edge of our seats for a preview. Martiiiin!
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