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Re: Strawman: eliminating debdiffs


Kees Cook <kees@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> There is presently no standard way I've seen to document _how_ to send
> patches to upstreams, along with what their requirements are.  LP does
> a nice job so far of hooking to bug trackers, but patch submission is
> a totally different beast.

While I don't think we can really solve this problem in the short term,
it would be generally helpful if the launchpad bug describing and
discussing the change would point to at least attempts to forward it
upstream. This might be a bugtracker, a mailing list or an email with

As for the long to mid-term solution of the problem documenting how
upstream prefers contributions/patches, perhaps launchpad could provide
metadata about that in the project description and provide a link to
that on the bug pages?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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