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Lost in translations



I'm struggling to try and manage our project (gEDA)'s translations on

Specifically, we've got more changed translations from our core
developers, who often commit directly to git, and various changed .pot

I made a tarball and uploaded as usual, but some uploads have failed
(with no quoted reason), and I'm not sure the updates which claimed to
have been approved have even been merged.

If I'm working with an individual language, I can upload a .po file and
mark it as being "identical" to upstream. Why isn't there a similar
option for uploading the whole .tar.gz of .pot and .po files?

Our library, libgeda has had a major SO_VERSION bump, so the translation
template is now called libgeda35 (not libgeda32). Something appears to
be severly broken in the import, as it is quoting:

libgeda/libgeda35.pot in gEDA Series: trunk

Uploaded by Peter Clifton on 2009-01-25 00:49:33 GMT Will be imported
into Template "geda-gattrib" in gEDA trun

So far, I've had nothing but bad experience with Launchpad's translation
system. I can't feel _more_ detached and out of control as a project
developer / admin.

The automated translation approval process seems to be broken,
un-necessarily slow, and very frustrating with its lack of feedback, and
sensible project admin interface.

Is there a way we could explicitly mark our project as _not_ using
launchpad for translations any more (if we wanted to)?

Unless we can get this to work sensibly, we're going to have to go back
to committing translations upstream, directly into our git repository on
behalf of our translators. It simply isn't fair to those people
translating for us on Launchpad, to keep pretending that we're using
launchpad for translations, when it is so awkward for us to manage that
we're unable to actually merge our own translations properly.


Peter Clifton

Electrical Engineering Division,
Engineering Department,
University of Cambridge,
9, JJ Thomson Avenue,

Tel: +44 (0)7729 980173 - (No signal in the lab!)

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