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In need of Guideline for a small project developpement with Launchpad



I'm fairly new to Launchpad and Bazaar (on which I have some basic
understanding) and I've setup a project on the Launchpad plateform.

I'm using Bazaar/launchpad on a small web project which is split up in
3 eclipse projects, we're now 2 developer on the project (before I was
alone which make things pretty simple).

Bazaar gives a lot of liberty on how to manage your project, but
right now, I'm quite lost...

Do I need a gatekeeper ?  What branch layout should I start from ?

Is the following scheme would be good ?

* The project trunked own by the team for release.
* a dev branch own by the team
* each time a developer works on a functionnality, should he create a
branch for this and then merge it to the dev branch ?
* once the dev branch is stable enough we merge it with the trunk ?

Also I'm used to handle all the VCS inside eclipse GUI (with CVS/SVN
plugin), but with Bazaar, I feel that I can't do that, and I really
need to use command line utilities.
(which sounds not that handy compared to CVS/SVN eclipse integration,
but yes, they are less powerfull).

Is there a short list of utility I should learn ?
I'd really like to spend more time on project developement and less on
learning Bazaar ;o)))

Thanks for any help,

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