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Re: Code Management


> I want to use the centralized with gatekeeper workflow but where do I
> set this in Launchpad?

Well, your workflow is less about setting something in Launchpad and more
about HOW you're setting things up.  If you want to serve as the gatekeeper,
it's best to make sure you are the sole owner of the branch you want to guard.

> I am the owner https://code.launchpad.net/oship but I have a group that
> I would prefer to leave unmoderated for new joins.  Can they do a
> checkout or branch and then be able to commit without approval?  

If the team owns the branch, then yes, they would be able to approve without
approval.  If you require members of your team to be approved by you, then you
can add people you trust to the team, and they can help share the gatekeeper

Or you could just put Tarmac (http://www.launchpad.net/tarmac) on a cron job
and let cron be the gatekeeper for you </shameless-plug>

Paul Hummer
1024/862FF08F C921 E962 58F8 5547 6723 0E8C 1C4D 8AC5 862F F08F