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Re: edit-in-place for tags?


On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 12:39:41PM +1100, Martin Pool wrote:
> I'm just delighted by the new edit-in-place for bug titles.  I change
> bug titles all the time (because users often don't know what's the
> most important aspect of the bug) and it makes it really very nice to
> use.
> Is there any chance at all that we could do this too for tags?  I know
> a lot more ajax work is going to happen soon but if this too could be
> done as a one off it would be great.

Yes, more AJAX work is planned, and editing tags in-place is actually
planned for this cycle. So if everything works out as expected, you
should be able to edit tags inline within a few weeks.

Björn Tillenius | https://launchpad.net/~bjornt

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