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Re: Who's using the Launchpad API in their application?


> Taking an informal survey: I'd like to hear about anyone who's using the
> Launchpad API (http://help.launchpad.net/API) in an application they're
> writing.  The application doesn't have to be production-ready; as long
> as it's not vaporware, it's interesting to me.

Well, bzr-autoreview handles reviews against a branch you have a local mirror
of, but is about to be merged into bzr-launchpadplus, with the plan that
bzr-launchpadplus will become a bzr plugin set that uses the Launchpad API.  At
least some of those plugins will eventually make it into Bazaar's Launchpad

> I already know about bzr-eclipse, tarmac, apport, ubuntu-dev-tools, and
> ilaunchpad-shell, so no need to mention those :-).

Ooh!  ilaunchpad-shell?  I was just talking to someone about how this would be
such a cool idea!  I wantses!

Paul Hummer
1024/862FF08F C921 E962 58F8 5547 6723 0E8C 1C4D 8AC5 862F F08F

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