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Re: receiving NEW lp bugmail


Olá Christian e a todos.

On Thursday 26 March 2009 14:32:58 Christian Robottom Reis wrote:
> > I believe BUGabundo wants to receive bugmail generated by himself.  So
> > when he files a bug, he wants to receive the [NEW] notice and such.  I
> > don't think that currently happens for subscribers (i.e. LP does not
> > send self-generated mail).
> Actually, it absolutely does. So.. I am still confused. Here's a sample
> bug that I filed and for emailed about:

I'm sorry for the confusion, but as strange as this may sound, I dont get as many as I expect, ie I dont get them for every bug I open (and those are a lot).
Either something on LP is not working as expected (maybe it doesnt work for bugs opened by apport??) or my spam folder is collecting some [NEW] bug mail.
So to clarify Michael is correct.

PS. before sending this email, I took a look at my trash folder, and indeed apport opened bugs were there, so that is not the cause. I'll look at #2).

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