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Re: PPA's and officially supported vs. community-supported (ports) architectures


2009/6/19 Celso Providelo <celso.providelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I understand your problem, although I find it very unlikely that we
> will open the gates for binaries generated outside LP, because it
> defeats a very important aspect of PPAs, trusted source -> binary
> path.

It is a bit strange to me that the PPAs would potentially trust
Richard to upload source, but not trust him to upload binaries.  I
suppose source packages have a level of auditability, perhaps after
the fact, that binaries do not.

> We can always fallback to the official ubuntu backports repository or
> the debian one (which was the original way of solving this) and/or

Can we get ppc debs into the official backports?  If so, that would be
a good way to proceed.

> maybe hosting the signed debs in Bzr project in LP.

If we just want to publish the files it's easy enough to put them in
Launchpad downloads, and in fact that's what I suggested Richard do
for now.  But it does have the substantial drawback that it no longer
integrates nicely with apt.

Martin <http://launchpad.net/~mbp/>

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