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[Launchpad-users] Launchpad open-sourcing date.

On, I recently changed the date
for when the code is being open-sourced: it now says just
"July / August 2009", instead of "21 July 2009".

The reason we made the date flexible is that when we release the code,
we're going to host it on using Bazaar's "brisbane-core"
development format, and we want to test it pretty thoroughly first.

Brisbane-core is available as a development format in Bazaar 1.16, and
will be the default format for Bazaar 2.0.  For a good overview of what
it's about, see
Basically, it's both faster (including in history operations) and more
space-efficient than previous formats.  As the Launchpad source is large
both in space and time, we want to host it on brisbane-core.

Since the point of testing is that you don't know what the results will
be, we're just saying "July / August" for a release date for now.  After
more testing, we'll be able to announce a date.  But our main concern is
that users have a good experience the first time they pull the code from -- that's more important than the exact date, IMHO.

-Karl Fogel

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