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[Launchpad-users] Internationalization of Launchpad Answers

Hi all,

For this UDS, I've drafted a blueprint for a session to discuss the
internationalization of the Launchpad Answers UI [1].

From the summary:

"We'd like to have an open discussion about the scope of work and the
steps involved in enabling internationalization and localization of the
Launchpad Answers application's web UI.

This is a feature that has been requested multiple times by LoCo teams.
It is not in the current Launchpad Roadmap, but we'd welcome and help
anyone willing to implement it and enable everyone to use the Answers UI
in their own language.

This effort could then be used as the ground work to internationalize
other Launchpad apps, such as Translations."

This is also not something that will be on the Roadmap from the
Community team for next cycle, unless someone steps up to lead this
effort. For now, I'd like to kick off the discussion to define the scope
of work and the details of an implementation, and welcome any interested
community members willing to participate.

If you are interested, please subscribe to the blueprint and join us in
the session at UDS.

I'd also very much welcome the participation in the session from the
Launchpad people at UDS, especially those from the registry team.




David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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