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Re: [Launchpad-users] [rfc] more urls

On Friday 03 December 2010 03:07:23 Martin Pool wrote:
> I'm going to add some more redirectors to, the
> transparent url shortener for Launchpad.  This is your chance to
> bikeshed:
>  /~mbp --> a person page
>  /p/bzr --> project bzr
>  /u/bzr --> bzr package in ubuntu
>  /d/bzr --> bzr pacage in debian
>  /fb/bzr --> filebug against bzr upstream
>  /fb/u/bzr --> filebug against bzr in ubuntu
>  /ppa/bzr --> ~bzr ppa
>  /ppa/bzr/proposed --> ~bzr/proposed ppa
> I want to keep things: short, possible to compose by hand, possible to
> determine by inspection where they can send you, possible to implement
> just as pattern-matching redirects, tidy enough as a namespace that it
> can grow new features.

How about:

/b/NNNNN -> /builders/+build/NNNNN

to jump to a build page.  It would be a redirect of a redirect :)

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