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Re: [Launchpad-users] Fwd: [PPA tobydox-mingw] mingw-x-gcc_4.5.2~snapshot-20_source.changes rejected

Looks like this only just got moderated to the list.

On Monday 13 December 2010 10:31:26 Tobias Doerffel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> can you tell me what I did wrong? It used to work for me for years.. I'm
> running Natty Alpha, maybe the dpkg tools or similiar have changed?
> ----------  Weitergeleitete Nachricht  ----------
> Rejected:
> Unhandled exception processing upload: 'NoneType' object has no attribute
> 'md5'

It's a bug in Launchpad that was fixed, you won't get that any more.

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