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[Launchpad-users] Ubuntu packages that use launchpadlib, and the changes they need to work in Natty

Back in February I sent out an email ( about upgrading your applications that use launchpadlib so that they'd work in Natty without crashes or deprecation errors. I mentioned that I'd done audits of all the code in Ubuntu that uses launchpadlib.

I've now taken this one step further, filing a bug in nearly every project I audited, to keep track of any changes that need to be made. If you run a project (or just have a script) that uses launchpadlib, and you're not mentioned in this email, please do a quick check to make sure your code works with the Natty launchpadlib. If your code is present in Ubuntu and I didn't mention it here, I've made a serious oversight and I'd like you to contact me right away.

Most of the problems are simple deprecation warnings, and don't need to be fixed right away. Here are the bugs I filed for the tiny problems:

python-launchpadlib-toolkit (arsenal)





There are three packages that really do need to be fixed: memaker, bughugger, and ubuntu-dev-tools. The good news is that I'm pretty sure that after I talked to them, the ubuntu-dev-tools developers went ahead and fixed their code. Here are the bugs I filed:




The software-center project also has code that needs to be fixed, but the problematic code is not exposed by default. Here's the bug:

Quickly is a smaller problem: the current version of quickly should work in Natty, but users will not get the benefits of desktop-wide integration. Here's the bug:

* kubuntu-dev-tools looks fine, but I filed a bug asking for a test to make sure:

* The following packages worked fine when I checked them out with their owners, so I haven't filed bugs about them:

 - python-apport (owner: pitti)
 - bzr-pqm (owner: abentley)
 - bzr-builddeb (owner: james_w)

If you have any questions, please respond to this email, respond to the bug I filed against your project, or grab me on IRC.


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