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> > Hello, I recently had to shut down my PPA due to licensing issues (my
> > attmepts to comply with upstream license in particularities ended up not
> > complying with the LP PPA Terms of Use), I have since discussed with
> > upstream and have agreed on redistribution terms which should be more
> > compatible with the ToU.
> >
> > In effect, as a whole, this game is freeware, and I will likewise distribute
> > my packaging work as freeware, no modification allowed.
> Thanks for making efforts to fit in with PPA terms of use. As I
> recall, the problem previously was that the developer had insisted you
> be the only person who could redistribute the game.
> If the game is now freely distributable, then it is okay by the PPA
> terms of use.
> The terms say this:
>   "any content you upload to PPAs must be freely redistributable by Canonical,
>    and released under a license permitting redistribution free of charge."
> > Will this be sufficient to comply with the PPA ToU?
> Yes, I believe that fits the requirements of the PPA terms of use.
> It'd be good to post a statement from the developer, or something
> similar, in the PPA description. I think you did something similar
> before.

I think this is a mistake. I think not think the package meets the
criteria defined in or

I must be able to get the source and be permitted to modify it.

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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