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Automatic bug expiry is working again



Back in February, Martin Pool blogged [1] that we’d re-enabled
Launchpad’s bug expiry feature [2]. This meant that, if a project had
enabled bug expiry, Incomplete bugs that appeared to be abandoned
would be automatically marked Expired after 60 days.

This worked for a while and then broke. Normally, our monitoring
scripts would have have alerted us to the problem but, by an
unfortunate coincidence, a separate bug meant that the alert for bug
expiry was also broken.

Both bugs are now fixed and bug expiry is working again. Shortly after
the fix went live, Launchpad expired roughly 2,000 bugs that would
have expired anyway over the past few months.

>From now on, Launchpad will expire bugs in the usual way. A bug is a
candidate for expiry if:

 * it has the Incomplete status
 * the last update was more than 60 days ago
 * it is not marked as a duplicate of another bug
 * it has not been assigned to anyone
 * it is not targeted to a milestone.

If you run a project and you’d previously had bug expiry set to on,
but have decided you no longer want it, follow the Configure bug
tracker link on your project’s bug overview page and then de-select
the Expire “Incomplete” bug reports when they become inactive

1. http://blog.launchpad.net/coming-features/bug-expiry-reactivated
2. https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/Expiry

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