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Re: Rethinking bug lifecycles


> It's quite possible that this thinking might prompt us to consider
> changing Launchpad, perhaps in significant ways. (e.g. one proposal is
> to combine "Confirmed" and "Triaged").
 One idea that I have had in the back of my mind is to have an upstream
setting for a bug.

Right now, my understanding is that a bug is marked triaged, low priority,
possibly assigned to a team, and an external bug watch is created.

I feel bad when users see all that, but have no idea it means that the bug
should be worked on upstream and get frustrated because it looks like the
bug is being ignored.  A common rant is "why is this bug marked low!?  It
should be marked high."

So if it was clearer that a bug is upstream, like in the same way bug
duplicates are handled, then users can direct their energy
more appropriately.


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