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getting my feet wet



	I've been reading docs and more docs for the past day and a half.  I
	think I am closer to understanding how debian packaging works and how
	launchpad can provide ppa's to users.

	I am slow, however, and was wondering if I could ask here for some
	advice and help.

	I'd like to turn this package into a PPA: 


	It compiles clean on ubuntu and should be rather simple to turn into
	a PPA (I think).   
	I know all the dependencies for building and using it.  They are all
	normal ubuntu packages.
	I should only have to modify the Makefile so that it installs in /usr
	instead of /usr/local
	I'd also need to rename the .pc file so that it doesn't conflict with
	another one.

	How would you recommend I go about doing this?
	Can I use bzr or bzr-builder to clone the git and apply a patch?
	What about a recipe for automatically creating the ppa?

	Any tips would be helpful.   There seems to be about a million
	different options to do this.

	thanks -august.

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