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Re: Multiple repositories per project


Hi Alberto,

On 08/11/11 08:07, Alberto Mardegan wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I think I've read through all the relevant documentation, but I
> couldn't find a clear answer to this: is it possible to have multiple
> repositories in a single launchpad project?
> I need to import this project into launchpad:
> (see the "Repository" drop down box)
> The project consists of several git repositories, which I'll have to
> import with vcs-import, and for each repository there is a
> debian/control file which was written for MeeGo and which I'd like to
> reuse (with small changes) for Ubuntu.
> If I import these repositories into my launchpad project (in different
> subdirectories), will the launchpad auto builder be able to scan through
> the directories in the project to look for debian/control files and
> build them in the correct order?
> Or does the source builder always expect to find a single debian/control
> file in the project trunk directory?
You will have to register all the repositories separately, probably even
in separate launchpad projects (as these are basically subprojects on
Google code).

There is no standard mechanism for discovering multiple git repositories
in a remote project at the moment.

The recipe builder expects to find the debian control information in
debian/control in the tree root.