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New feature - Custom bug listings


Hi Everyone,

Dan here, the User Research & Communications Specialist on the Launchpad Team.

Over the past few months the Launchpad Orange Squad has been working
to make it easier to get the information that matters to you from bug

A lot of you have said in the past that you’d like to be able to
filter bugs in a way that works best for you. Hopefully this new
feature, with its customisable functionality should help with this
goal, filling your screen with more of what you want to see.


You can now sort bugs by criteria such as name, importance, status and
age. You can switch on the criteria that you use most and turn off
criteria that you don’t use. So if you always like to see bug age, but
aren’t interested in heat, you can switch on age and switch off heat,
and so on.


We’ve also redesigned how bug listings are displayed – fitting more
information into each bug listing, and adding sort options such as bug
age, assignee, reporter, and tags.

You can put your results into ascending or descending order without
having to reload the page, and you’ll be able to save your preferred
layout, so your settings will be saved for the next time you need to
look over your bugs.

User research

This was my first main project since joining the Launchpad team back
in November. User research has played an important part in how we’ve
defined the feature and the decisions the team has made to improve the
display, wording and functionality.

A number of you took part in one to one interviews, at group sessions
at UDS-P and by taking part in an online survey. Thanks to everyone
involved – what you told us has really helped to make this feature a
more user-friendly experience. Some of our user research results
(link) are already available online, with more being added soon. We’ll
be carrying out some further tests in the weeks ahead, so please get
in touch if you’d like to get involved.


Every new feature has teething problems, and custom bug listings is no
different. We still have a number of bugs that need tweaking, so
please bare with us, and file any bugs if you spot anything that’s
still out there.

We hope you enjoy the new feature, it's been fun working on it and
watching it develop.

My Best,

Dan HG

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