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Re: Help


On 9 March 2012 17:20, siva sandeep <coll.life.rox@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Good day everyone.
> My name is Siva Sandeep doing my final year of engineering in India.
> My final year project is on scheduling policies of Eucalyptus. So I have
> installed bazaar and I tried to get the code of eucalyptus using this
> command,
> "bzr branch lp:eucalyptus".
> I got a certificate Error saying that the Hostname '' doesn't
> match with either of '*.launchpad.net', 'launchpad.net'.
> Could anyone help me out here, So I could download that branch of Eucalyptus
> and continue with my project.

Your college's network has some kind of proxy or firewall that's
interfering with network traffic and returning a private ip address.
You need to ask them how to make an outbound connection to either http
or ssh.  You might need to set the http_proxy environment variable.


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