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Re: Fwd: [PPA capetown-team-sdk-ppa] qtbase_5.0-20120524-1ubuntu5_source.changes rejected


Hi Zoltán (2012.05.25_17:35:14_+0200)
> The version is not older than in the archive.

Yes it is:
$ dpkg --compare-versions 5.0-20120524-1ubuntu5 lt 5.0-git20120522-1ubuntu3 && echo yes || echo no

> The one in the archive is a git snapshot of the Qt5 alpha and the new
> one is a tar ball beta release.

In future, I suggest you use ~git instead of -git. ~ is magic, and sorts
before nothing. so 1.0~git1 < 1.0.

For now how about using 5.0-release~beta+20120524-0ubuntu1
Then once it's released, you can go to 5.0-release-0ubuntu1

And after 5.0, you can use a saner 5.1~gitXX-0ubuntu1 -> 5.1-0ubuntu1


Stefano Rivera
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