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Re: [PPA canonical-qt5-edgers-qt5-daily] qtwebkit_5.0-1ubuntu2_source.changes rejected


On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Zoltán Balogh
<zoltan.balogh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am working with a moving target (Qt5), huge codebase, lots of modules,
> strange and complex dependencies. Providing fresh installable packages for
> arm target is essential for many developers as compiling the source base for
> arm target locally could take 3-4 days. With a good packaging we can save
> hundreds of man-days.

Cool! I hope we can help make that happen.

> But following a moving git repository of the upstream is not about applying
> patches day by day to an ancient orig.tar.gz. It is about cleaning up the
> desk week by week and creating the same packages again and again. Of course
> adding a git-'date' to the version number  is the exact solution. But in my
> case this very civilized version policy made the build directory and so the
> -I arguments and object list arguments in the linking  that it exceeded the
> shell limitations.  That is the reason I had to fall back to a very short
> filename and that caused the problem. It is insane :) I know... but there is
> a risk that even 1-2 character extra will make the build fail.

I wonder if you could post an example of the name that is hitting the
shell limitations, and how you are generating it (possibly also the
relevant section from the build error)? I bet there are folks on this
list who will have clever insights into how overcome this.

Just trying to generate ideas, if you do really want to keep
rebuilding and publishing the same version for a small group of
people, one option might be doing the binary builds on your machine as
well, and creating an archive using reprepro or one of the other tools
and then you push up to some plain vanilla http host somewhere, at
least I don't *think* you need any server side code to host an archive
or mirror. You might also look at what mentors.debian.net is running,
I know they allow upload of the same version over and over.
Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/