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Re: Visibility of Downloads


On 07/22/2012 10:17 PM, Charlie Poole wrote:
> I'm guessing that the download on the home page reflects the first
> release listed
> on the page https://launchpad.net/nunitv2/+download.

+downloads was fundamentally broken when too many people added features
without asking who needs them.

> This page is in a very odd order: first all downloads from the 2.6
> series, then the
> 2.6.1 series, finally the 2.5 series. Why isn't the 2.6.1 series - the
> latest - on top?
> I thought this might reflect the bug at
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/405597
> but trunk isn't used for any of these. It could be related, however.

Lp does not know how to order releases. End of story. There is terrible
contention between users who want time sequenced releases, or version
sequenced releases.

^ this bug is really a duplicate of the first, which was renamed to
recognise users are arguing over the behaviour, but in doing so, users
report the same bug from their perspective either time or version

+downloads was once meant to solve this bug. Which requires

Curtis Hovey

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