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Mercurial imports coming to an end October 5th



Launchpad Mercurial imports will not work after 2012-10-05

On the 5th of October we'll be ending our beta of Mercurial imports in
Launchpad. On that day your existing Mercurial imports will cease and you
won't be able to create new ones.

This doesn't affect Bazaar, Git, Subversion or CVS imports.

You're probably wondering why. During the beta, we found that not many people
wanted to import Mercurial branches into Launchpad. Today there are only
around forty people using the facility. It's also fair to say that our
importer wasn't of the quality we want for Launchpad.

So, with low demand for the feature we decided to focus engineering effort
elsewhere rather than continue to maintain, or fix up, a less than
satisfactory feature.

I'm sorry if you currently rely on Launchpad to import code from Mercurial
into Bazaar. You can, though, still use the bzr-hg plugin locally:



Matthew Revell
Product Manager
Canonical Cloud Engineering